It’s very simple. Fill in the contact form and we’ll get in contact with you immediately to set up a meeting in person, at your convienence.

The first time you meet with us, you only need to provide the information about your condition that you have readily available. After that, when the process moves to getting a second opinion or full treatment, we will help you gather all relevant medical records, analyses, and biopsies. If you want, we can even contact your current hospital and physician to get more information if necessary. We will take care of everything.

It depends on your individual case. However, if you are asking for a second opinion, it usually takes 5-7 days. After we have collected essential information, we are able to provide a more precise estimate. It’s important to remember that if the condition is very serious, you may have to travel abroad for a month or more.

Certainly. We will provide a budget for the first consultation step and the second medical opinion. After that, we will provide a more precise estimate of the total cost based on the hospital and physician you chose and the results of the second opinion.

We apply the same process we use when we work for big pharmaceutical companies. We maintain a scientific department whose main role is to track relevant treatments, doctors and hospitals and their respective performance for every medical condition. We also rely on personal advice from top physicians, scientific publications, and professional meetings. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it, which is why we provide justification and evidence for why we proposed the specific hospital and physician alternatives for your case.

Good healthcare is expensive. The difference in quality is worth the additional cost though, especially for severe and life-threatening conditions. In these cases, choosing the right doctor and hospital could be the difference between life and death. For example, a cancer treatment at the best centers in the US can easily cost between $5M and $20M, depending on chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery options, Please keep in mind that most of the time, treatment is personalized based on you and your condition, especially in the case of cancer, where chemo is chosen based on genetic determination. The top European centers are similarly efficient, but can be significantly cheaper. The second opinion is much less expensive than treatment, but keep in mind that some of the best centers may want to see you in person and sun some tests before giving any advice. In that case, including travel, medical tests, and paperwork, costs can escalate up to $200K.

Our scientific department keeps an up-to-date record of each doctor and hospital for every major condition with a ranking based on their published activity, performance, and opinions from other groups of physicians. Broadly speaking, the function and work of this group is comparable to that of an executive headhunter company. We select the key opinion leaders in each medical field. This is very precise work, because for example, not all doctors and hospitals specialize in treating all types of cancer. We select specific doctors, not just their hospitals, because often, different teams of doctors work independently at the same hospital, but do not all have equal performance. You want to be visited by the best doctor, not just a member of their team.

It is a really good idea. Imagine talking to a foreign expert and translator about technical details of your case. All the details of your case should be completely clear, and assistance from another doctor can help ensure this. Your doctor can ask relevant questions, help you understand the process, risk, and expected outcome of the treatment. Your doctor will also be able to help if you need some consultation from other physicians at the hospital.

We give you our best advice on your treatment, with a full explanation. In addition, we get you a second medical opinion and the treatment you need from the world’s best doctors. Our services are all inclusive – you don’t have to take care of anything. We give you the same level of service as we give the big pharmaceutical companies. OmnixHealth will take care of providing advice on the best hospitals and doctors, personal physicians, translations, and individual tour leaders. We also book all travel, accommodations, and transport. Throughout this process, we not only take care of you, but also any of your relatives that may accompany you. All of these services are available to you, in your home country, from start to finish.

A payment for the initial expenses should be made at the beginning of the process, once it is clear that our services are right for you. Then, depending on which kind of second opinion, if any, is needed, a second payment will be made. Based on this second opinion, we will present you with a precise budget for your treatment. If you choose to continue with treatment, a detailed calendar of payments will be created. Please take into account that most foreign hospitals, especially the better ones, request a significant amount of money in advance before starting treatment.

Our fees will be clearly stated, as part of the full cost of treatment and other related services. We are offering VIP level services, but with a high degree of transperency.

Certainly. Not only is healthcare better in some countries, but as studies have shown, performance and survival rates can vary among hospitals within the same country. Remember, for some serious ailments, choosing the right doctor can mean the difference between life and death.

We would prefer to contact your current doctor so we can get medical records and information about your condition more easily. However, it is your choice whether or not we do so.

Absolutely. We know that your condition is personal information that others should not know about. All of your medical records and information will be kept confidential.

It depends on your insurance policy. It is possible that part of the expenses, especially the medical ones, could be covered. Restrictions may apply.

It is not so simple. There is no such thing as “the best doctor”, because the best doctor for you may be different than the best doctor for your friend. For example, the performance of very good oncologists varies significantly among different types of cancer. So, we have to determine your exact condition and then search through our scientific department to find who is the best to treat your specific case. “The best” means not only the best doctor, but their medical team as well. Remember that different teams of physicians work at the same hospital, but they perform differently. When you ask for the best doctor, you want the best team and treatment too, and we will make sure you get exactly that.

You can, but it is likely you will be treated by some other doctor than the one of your choosing. The very best doctors are quite busy and often rely on other members of their team to treat patients they do not know, especially when the patients come from abroad. Take into account that you will have to pass through a bureaucratic layer of assistance that will send you to the next available doctor, no matter who you are. To be treated by the doctor of your choice, you should rely on the right people to get you a personal appointment – us.

We are completely independent. It´s our guarantee to provide the best advice and service to you. We are not related to any hospital, group of hospitals, doctors or group of doctors. Our only concern is you.

Please fill in the contact form and we wil contact your promptly.

We have listed major conditions on our website, but we are not restricted to treating only those. Feel free to contact us. We are here to help, no matter how complex or difficult your case may be.