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New Generation For Hip Replacement

Treatment abroad. Walk in 1 day, leave the hospital in 3 days, and go back to everyday life in 15 days

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    This technique preserves the functioning of the ligaments and promotes the rapid recovery of the patient.

    Technique is gentle and preserves the functioning of the ligaments. The nerves of this zone are not affected and the patient retains the natural sensitivity of the hip.

    The "MAASH" technique operation is performed by 3 surgeons of the hospital team. This increases the success rate of the operations, reliability, and results.

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WE ARE WORKING WITH: European countries, Azerbaidjan, Uzbekistan, America, Russia, Ukraine.
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What Is The Uniqueness of MAASH?


MAASH makes hip recover completely, with no move restrictions during walking or turning your hip, fast, safe and for long time, which is another plus.


Dislocation risk is equal to zero. Which means, your hip is fully secured from dislocations and discomfort. The leg length after operation also is not changed due to uniqueness of prosthesis installation technique.

Full Life and Sports

Because of the new technology patient is completely free in move and can come back to sports IN TWO WEEKS. All vital processes are saved, which means organism itself saves its youth and energy. As a result –activity, joy and enjoing of life fully!

NO Rehabilitacion

Because there is almost no damage of the hip, there is almost no rehabilitation. The patient can be out of hospital in 3 days and can walk on first day, and he chooses himself – to stay in hospital or go enjoy Barcelona.

New Technology of Hip Approach

Especially because of new technology the recovery after operation takes 3 days and patient doesn’t have hard rehabilitation, the cut is not damaging ligaments and saves its elasticity, and prosthesis is installed without any additional space, exactly suiting for your interior hip structure.

Lifetime of Prostethics

Using MAASH you are not only investing in a joy of moving freely, but also increasing lifetime of prosthesis for more than standard 15 years.

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We meet you and take to the Hospital where you get to know our doctors and prepare to the operation. You can leave Hospital on 3rd day, and same day after operation you can move your legs and walk with no problem.

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The program MAASH is targeting for saving and increasing the lifetime of your organism, as the activity is a “must have” for your health and full life. After operation you get stability, safety and confidence of your hip.

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