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Genocosmetics Lab and its brand of exclusive and breakthrough cosmetics, GENOXAGE, uses your DNA as a basis for a personalized diagnosis of your skin.  The company develops services and products that are unique, effective, and adapted to your physical characteristics, genetics, and lifestyle in order to restore skin to its original youthful potential.


2. Personalized Diagnosis

Specialist Laboratories in Genomics will analyze your oral cell sample with your genetic codes that add to the observation of your facial situation map. Knowledge of your lifestyle habits in addition to using the patented DNASkin Mapping Matrix ® system will help to develop the most complete, professional, and unique personalized skin diagnosis on the market.

1. Data Collection

To prepare your customized diagnostic DNA Skin Mapping Matrix TM, you should go to your dermatologist or specialized pharmacist approved by Genoxage, who will then  collect a sample of your oral cells and make a dermatological evaluation. You will also answer a series of questions about dermatological variables related to your lifestyle.




3. Treatment Development

The development of the Dermocosmetic GENOXAGE Treatment is based on formulas that combine scientifically proven effective ingredients. This is depending on the status of your 9 essential dermatological variables, your lifestyle, and your current skin situation. The estimated processing time of your Genoxage treatment will be 4 weeks from the moment we receive your samples at the laboratory.

Personalized Treatment Products

  1. Pre-treatment                                       Cellular Booster Complex- 5 actions-4weeks is a preparation treatment specially formulated to regenerate, repair, moisturize, stimulate, activate, and renew your skin and leave it ready to receive and absorb the customized treatment.
  2. Essential Cream                                 Designed to cover all the needs of your skin, Genoxage is formulated with a combination of active ingredients with antioxidants with protective and revitalized properties. Prevents premature aging and reduces the formation of deep wrinkles and expression lines. Improves elasticity and skin tone firmness. Stimulates the natural reparation mechanism of DNA after exposure to ultraviolet rays.

  3. Serum Intensive Treatment                   With antioxidants, protective and revitalizing properties, the formulation helps to improve firmness, elasticity and skin tone. Prevents premature aging. Fights chronological age and protects against oxidative stress. The result is a vital and radiant skin.

  4. Eye Contour                                             Suited to you, prevents wrinkles, restores elasticity and firmness and prevents premature aging. With the newest active ingredients, it efficiently reduces under eye bags and circles, achieving an enlightened eye contour.

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