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Top Level Experts

  • Experts involved in this product are Key Opinion Leaders in their specialties.
  • All of them are up-to-date with the last available treatments and even the clinical trials available in their field, which is of utmost importance in cases like treatments-resistant cancer.
  • These experts are currently working in top-level hospitals in Europe and USA.
  • A number of them are qualified as “European Expert” by the European Community Agencies, which means that they are in charge of giving opinion about which research projects in healthcare should receive funding from the European Commission. The ultimate award for a Key Opinion Leader.
  • As stated before, our VIP Second Medical Opinion is available for patients and local physicians

King’s College Hospital of London (UK)
Bristol Urological Institute (UK)
Maudsley Hospital of King’s College of London (UK)
Leuven University (Belgium)
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
Karolinska Institute of Stockholm (Sweden)
Imperial College School of Medicine (London, UK)
J.W. Goethe University Hospital of Frankfurt (Germany)
HIV Research and Westminster Hospital of London (UK)
Hôpital Saint Antoine  (Paris, France)
Saint Louis Hôpital (Paris, France)
Hospital Vall d´Hebrón (Barcelona, Spain)
Hôpital Bichat (Paris, France)
University of Heidelberg (Germany)
Ospedale S. Raffaele di Milano (Italy)
Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid, Spain)
Charité Berlin (Germany)
University of Manheim (Germany)
Centro Médico Quirón Teknon (Barcelona, Spain)
Weeston Park Hospital Sheffield (UK)
Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Cambridge University- Addenbrookes Hospital (UK)
Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Prague, Czech Republic)
Guy’s Hospital (London, UK)
Hospital Costa del Sol (Marbella, Spain)
Birmingham University CRC Institute (UK)
Aarthus University Hospital (Denmark)
Western General Hospital of Edinburgh (Scotland)
Hospital Arnaud de Villeneuve (Montpellier, France)

European Institute of Oncology (Milan, Italy)
Fondazione IRCCS – Instituto Nazionale Tumori (Milan, Italy)
Klinik fur Psychiatrie- University of Munich (Germany)
Clinique Saint Agustin (Bordeaux, France)
Jules Bordet Institute (Brussels, Belgium)
Clínica Quirón (Barcelona, Spain)
Heinrich- Heine University Dusseldorf (Germany)
Athens University Medical School (Greece)
University Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands)
Hopital Cantonal Universitaire de Geneva Switzerland)
CHU de Montpellier (France)
Maastricht University Hospital (Holland)
Lausanne University (Switzerland)
Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid, Spain)
Uppsala University (Sweden)
Royal College of Surgeons (Dublin, Ireland)
Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain)
Linkoping University (Sweden)
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona, Spain)
St. James Hospital of Dublin (Ireland)
University of Essen (Germany)
Instituto Universitario Dexeus  (Barcelona, Spain)
Claude Bernard University of Lion (France)
Hospital Universitario de Valencia (Valencia, Spain)
National Center for Epilepsy (Norway)
Kuopio University Hospital (Finland)
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona, Spain)
CHU de Toulouse (France)

MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX)
NYU Medical Center (New York, NY)
Mount Sinai Medical School (New York, NY)
Cornell University (New York, NY)
John Hopkins (Baltimore, MD)
New York Presbyterian Hospital (New York, NY)
Lee Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL)
Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA)
Joslin Diabetes Center – Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)
Dana Farber Cancer Center (Boston, MA)
Montefiore Medical Center (New York, NY)
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY)
UCLA University of California (Los Angeles, CA)
Hospital for Joint Disease NYU, University School of Medicine (New York, NY)
Northwestern University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Jackson Memorial Medical Center (Miami, FL)
Psychiatric Institute of Washington (Washington, DC)
Rush Epilepsy Center (Chicago)
University of Miami School of Medicine (Miami, FL)
University of Texas Southwestern (Dallas, TX)
USCF San Francisco General Hospital (San Francisco, CA)
University of Miami Infertility Center (UMIC) (Miami, FL)
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center (Chicago, IL)
Evanston Northwestern Hospital (Chicago, IL)

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Boston, MA)
Center for Hip & Knee Replacement, Columbia Univ. (New York, NY)
Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)
Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX)
Georgetown University Medical Center (Washington, DC)
Yale University (New Haven, CT)
Jefferson Health Care College (Philadelphia, PA)
National Institute in Bethesda (NIAMS) (Bethesda, MD)
Long Island Jewish Medical Center (New York, NY)
MD Psychiatric Research Center (Baltimore, MD)
University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH)
National Jewish (Denver, CO)
St. Luke´s Roosevelt Hospital Center (Fountain House, NY)
Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)
University of Colorado (Denver, CO)
Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
Washington University School of   Medicine (St. Louis, MO)
Tulane Medical Center (New Orleans, LA)
St. Joseph Hospital (Hamilton, Canada)
Hospital University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario Canada)
McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Royal Victoria Hospital of Montreal (Canada)
General Hospital, St. John (Canada)