How it works

How it works


Agreement Settlement 




1.Insurance Co. (IC) agrees with OmnixHealth (OH) to use this package, either for their customers, either for cost control (or for both)



Patients List Confirmation and

Money Transferring




2.At the beginning of each month, IC communicates to OH which patients are included in this service and transfer the agreed premium to OH





Patient Request 



3.When a Patient needs the service (or IC decides so), IC transfers the case to OH, ASAP. After checking that the Patient is included in the service, OH asks for the details and Medical Records. 

**(If the Patient wasn’t included in the service in advance -2nd step of this workflow -, but IC decides to proceed with the case, then the “Additional Patient Preferred Fee” is applied for the case, and IC will be invoiced accordingly)**


Finding The Best Physician 


4.OH Scientific Department selects a physician from its database (the most qualified). If IC wants to, OH will declare in advance the physician CV and his/her credentials, just in case IC would prefer another physician.


Telemedicine Session  


5.OH contacts the physician and sends the case details. Arranges a date and time for the Telemedicine session at convenience of both, patient and doctor (usually 2-3 days, giving time to the doctor to fully review the case) and then OH manages the Telemedicine session at agreed date and time, so patient obtains all the information and replies needed, face to face. 



Submitting SMO Report 

(By Doctor)



6.Doctor submits medical opinion report, which OH translates if required, and send it to the patient, or to IC, or both. OH remains available just in case there are some additional questions to be delivered to/by the physician, regarding the Second Medical Opinion already performed.


Status Checking and

Profit Sharing




7.OH informs IC of the status of all the cases at the end of each month. At the end of the year, OH informs IC of the financial performance of the product and pays IC its share of profits.

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